Fair Dealing

In April 2009, the Monetary Authority of Singapore issued the Guidelines on Fair Dealing to promote a culture of fair dealing by financial institutions when they conduct business with the customers.

These guidelines aim to deliver five outcomes:

  • Customers have confidence that they deal with financial institutions where fair dealing is central to their corporate culture.
  • Financial institutions offer products and services that are suitable for their target customer segments.
  • Financial institutions have competent representatives who provide customers with quality advice and appropriate recommendations.
  • Customers receive clear, relevant and timely information to make informed financial decisions.
  • Financial institutions handle customer complaints in an independent, effective, and prompt manner.

At Globaleye, we are committed to placing our customers’ interests first, while seeking to provide the best financial advice, products and services for our customers. We have put in effort to construct a suite of offerings to our customers, where all products offered are put to the test through our Product Due Diligence process. The partners we work with are also subject to an Institutional Due Diligence, to give our customers the assurance that they are being taken care of. Part of our value-added after sales service is the Globaleye Valuation Service (GVS) and the Globaleye Bulletin Service (GBS). This ensures that our customers receive relevant and timely updates on their financial portfolios. We put our Wealth Managers and staff through personalized training and competency programs, and hire only through a vigorous screening process.

All recommendations are counter-checked against client fact-find and needs analyses, and from time to time, you may receive a call from our Compliance Officer, who administers our client call-back program. Be assured that you will always have easy access to Globaleye, to provide feedback on our products and services. We would like to hear from you at or you may wish to take our Client Satisfaction Survey.