Financial planning in Singapore

For expats in Singapore to build a strong financial future, you need to start with solid foundations. Protecting you and your family’s wellbeing through insurance and emergency savings is the foundation; investing is then considered and finally tax and estate planning.

We adopt a holistic approach to financial planning, which means we try to understand your short and long term financial needs and then identify where you may need support and advice. Everyone has different financial planning needs depending on what stage of life you are at and what life events, such as getting married, you have gone or are going through.

What you can expect when becoming our client:

Initial meeting
Here we work with you to understand your short to long term financial needs, which will identify what support and advice you may require.

Defining your goals
After we agree on the level of service, we’ll then assess your current financial circumstances, establish your goals and then work out ways to achieve them.

Research and analysis
We will carry out a full analysis of your situation and conduct in-depth research to find the best possible solutions for you. This can involve looking at your liabilities, insurances, pensions, savings, investments and tax.

Financial plan and recommendations
Following our detailed analysis, we will provide a comprehensive plan tailored specifically to you, outlining the current state of your finances, your financial goals and the benefits and tax implications of your plan.

Monitor and review
Your financial objectives may change over time due to changes in your circumstances or lifestyle. We will continue to monitor your portfolio and revisit the advice process, if required. We will agree with you the frequency of regular reviews, at times which suit you best. Your financial plan is important, so we want to make sure that it stays on track to achieve your goals.

If you’re looking for professional financial advice in Singapore, we’re here to help. We take the guesswork out of managing your money by helping you envision the future so that you can plan for it.