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HMRC tax returns

The UK tax year runs from 6th April to the following 5th April in the next year. A notice to file UK tax return is normally issued by HM Revenue & Customs shortly after the tax year end, allowing you no later than the following 31st October to file a paper tax return or 31st January thereafter for the filing of an online tax return. Any due tax is payable by the latter date. Strict penalties will be levied by HMRC if your tax return is not received by 31st January - bear in mind that the list of excuses for not filing on time are extremely stringent. It makes sense planning to file your tax return as soon as possible and not put off tomorrow what can be achieved today!

It is also very important to note that it is not possible to complete the residence pages online as HMRC software has not made this available.

We offer full completion of annual tax returns as part of our tax compliance service that will include all associated correspondence with HMRC and any other third party on your behalf.

Statutory Residence Test

The Statutory Residence Test was established by HMRC from 6th April 2013 to provide much greater clarity over the old guidelines in existence to decide whether an individual is resident or non-resident in the UK for tax purposes. The test hinges on several defining factors, therefore it is essential to seek expert guidance if you are contemplating either leaving or returning to the UK or simply need peace of mind if you are already living in Singapore.

Tax on UK pensions

Some individuals have been living abroad for many years and continue to do so long after they have retired from working. For some it is possible to exempt their UK paid pension from tax in the UK provided that the relevant article allows for this under the Double Tax Agreement between the two countries – as is the case with Singapore. 

Inheritance tax

See estate planning.

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